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Homeowner’s Service Policy

We hope you will be happy in your new home! It has been constructed in accordance with accepted home building practices. It has been inspected by our trained personnel and, where required, by the Building Department of the Municipality in which it is situated.

The provisions of this service policy will cover all phases of construction for a period of one year from the date of closing, except as otherwise specified by the manufacturer’s warranty on individual equipment incorporated in the home.

The builder’s responsibility to any manufacturer’s warranty is discharged after twelve (12) months.

As a matter of policy we will, upon receipt of a written service request within the first year after close of escrow, inspect your home within a reasonable time after receipt of such notice; and where shown by such inspection to require adjustment by reasons of defects in workmanship or materials, make reasonable and necessary repairs or adjustments without cost to you, weather and labor conditions permitting and emergencies excepted.

Where a separate contract exists between the owner and a particular subcontractor covering any phase of construction, the builder has no responsibility for service enforcement in the separate contract.

This homeowner’s Service Policy terminates one year after original close of escrow regardless of any resale in the interim.

The provisions of this policy shall not apply if there is any money owed to the builder on any construction contract, including extras, or to the Homeowner’s Association.


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