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If you are searching for “home builders“, “new home builders“, “custom home builders“, “custom home builders near me“, “semi custom home builders“, “new home builders near me“, “new construction homes“, “new homes” or “custom built houses” in Mesa, Arizona, Hughes Development can help! We can help you build the custom home of your dreams! Hughes Development is one of the top home builders in AZ! We also build affordable custom and semi custom homes in many east valley communities including Apache Wells, Gold Canyon, El Mirador and Mountain Whisper, Arizona.

~ Custom & Semi-Custom Home Builders In Mesa, AZ ~

Hughes Development has years of experience in building new custom homes and luxury homes in Mesa, Arizona. Hughes Development was originally formed in 1996 as a real estate development firm specializing in construction of whole communities.

We specialize in creating friendly, open and maintenance free homes and communities. Residents in our communities enjoy a village like atmosphere with maintained landscaping and low monthly association fees.

We’ve built over 1200 new homes in Mesa, 1300 new home in Apache Wells, 4500 new homes in El Mirador and 2500 new homes at Arizona Golf Resort.

~ Custom Homes in AZ ~

With a custom home you can customize every part of the home to your exact liking. You can either buy the land yourself and we can be the home on it or you can buy the land from us to build your custom home on. Our custom home builders, designers and architects in AZ will work with you to design a custom floor plan just for your home. You can determine what style of house you want, how many floor it will have, how many square feet it will have and more. You also get to choose flooring, tile, paint colors, cabinetry, light fixtures, energy saving appliances and more.

Custom Home Advantages

  • You have complete control over design, layout, quality and more
  • You get a custom home exactly the way you want it

Custom Home Disadvantages

  • Construction takes longer
  • Custom homes cost more to build
  • There are a lot of decisions to make

~ Semi Custom Homes in AZ ~

A semi custom home is a mix between a custom house and a pre-built house. With a semi custom home you get to choose between pre-set floor plans and add-ons such as garage space, finish choices (fixtures, cabinetry, flooring etc) and more. There is usually less options for customizing is semi custom home as it is a more affordable home building option. Our semi custom home builders in AZ can build your home quickly and affordably.

Semi Custom Home Advantages

  • Construction happens quickly
  • Not as many decisions to make
  • Semi custom homes costs less to build

Semi Custom Home Disadvantages

  • You have less control over design, layout and quality
  • You get a semi custom home almost the exact way you want it

~ Custom Homes We’ve Built & Sold ~

~ Kitchen Photo Gallery ~

~ Bathroom Photo Gallery ~

~ Custom Home Building Process ~

The custom home building process includes:

  • Step 1. Meet the development team
  • Step 2. Pre-Qualification & Financing
  • Step 3. Determining The Location
  • Step 4. Choosing Your Floorplan
  • Step 5. Selecting The Right Materials
  • Step 6. Approval Of Construction Plans
  • Step 7. Beginning The Construction Process
  • Step 8. Thorough Home Inspection
  • Step 9. Inspect Your New Custom Home
  • Step 10. Welcome To Your New Dream Home

Read more about the Custom Home Building Process.

~ Advantages Of Building A New Home ~

There are many options for buying a home in Mesa. But despite all of these resale options, consumers should not overlook the advantages of buying a new home. To help you understand more about the benefits of buying a new home, we put together a list of reasons why you should buy a new home over a resale:

Fully Customized

Home builders will typically let buyers participate in the design process of their new home. This helps create a customized living space that is tailored to your liking. New home buyers can decide how big they want their bathroom to be, what type of flooring you want and even pick the exterior color of the home. If you are moving into a subdivision, you can even pick the lot you prefer the most.

Green Homes

Energy efficiency standards have increased over the years making home builders and construction crews use more energy efficient materials to build your home with. This ensures that you are using less energy and minimizing your carbon footprint. All of Hughes Development homes come standard with energy saving dual pane low-emissivity windows, conditioned attic space, R-19 & R-38 batting insulation and more.

More Durable

New homes are built with quality materials that stand up to years of wear and tear better than older homes. This means you will have fewer repairs or upgrades to make once the home is built. No remodeling or renovation needed, you get this home customized to your liking without having to repair, add or subtract anything else. No more replacing carpets, painting walls or remodeling kitchens or bathrooms.


The great part about building a custom home is the fact that you get a 1 year warranty for any major repairs that might come up. For example, if your roof starts to leak or your AC stops working, the builder will repair it for free. This protect you from any defects in workmanship or materials. Hughes Development offers a 1 year warranty on all houses we build.

Fire Prevention

Most newer homes are built with fire retardant insulation and almost all new construction homes are required to have hard-wired smoke detectors. These detectors will keep working even if the battery runs out.


Consumers who choose to buy a new home will be able to take advantage of perks related to mortgage financing. In many cases, new home builders will have their own mortgage companies they work with already, making it easier for you to find the financing you need to build the home.

~ How To Find A Builder To Build a House? ~

There are many different ways to find a builder to build your house including:

  • Hughes Development. If you live in the Phoenix or Mesa area, contact Hughes Development
  • Check NewHomeSource for builders in your local area.
  • Search Google. Do a Google search for “new home builders” or “home builders near me” and read reviews
  • Homebuilder’s Association. Visit org/findanhba to get a list of home builders near me
  • Local Newspaper. Look in your local newspaper, in the real estate section, for builders who are running ads.
  • Friends & Family. Ask friends and family for referrals. Have they done business with builders in the past?
  • Search Houzz. Houzz has listing for home builders in Mesa with pictures and reviews.

~ How To Choose A Builder? Checklist ~

Using this checklist will help choosing a home builder easier.

1. Get An Exact Estimate

Make sure you get an actual estimate that includes everything you will be charged for like soil tests, surveying fees, penalties for changes, etc. Getting an exact estimate is great when you are building on a budget.

2. Read Reviews

Google the home builder you are thinking about choosing and read their reviews. Also make sure they are a registered & licensed contractor with the State of Arizona. For example, Hughes Development is registered and licensed with AZROC (Arizona Registrar of Contractors).

3. Get References

Ask the builder for references (at least 3 or more) so you can get feedback on their custom home project. Ask them how long it took, how much it cost and if the builder stayed within the budget or not.

4. Visit Previous Homes

Ask the builder if you can visit previous homes they’ve built or if you can see their work online. This will give you an idea of the types of homes they can build so you can decide if their style is what you are looking for.

5. Check Memberships & Qualifications

Ask the home builder if they are recognized or awarded by any home building associations. For example, Hughes Development has earned 2 MAME awards from The Home Builders Association of Central Arizona.

6. Ask About Sub-Contractors

See how long they have worked with their previous sub-contractors. If they have long-term relationships with their tradespeople (flooring contractors, roofers, etc), that’s a pretty good sign of a quality homebuilder.

7. Get a Clear Contract

Make sure the contract you sign is unambiguous and clear to make sure you don’t miss any fine print.

8. Find Out About Penalties

Find out in advance if there any penalties for making changes throughout the project, especially if you have to make major changes after the project is mostly complete.

9. Ask About Guarantees & Warranties

Ask them if they offer comprehensive maintenance and warranties once the keys to the house are handed over. Hughes Development offers custom home warranties on all new custom home builds. This ensures that any defects in workmanship within the first year will be repaired or replaced for free.

10. Ask About Follow Up Procedures

Make sure you get a welcome packet with warrant documents, appliances and products at the house, home maintenance guides and follow up procedures if defects in the home are found, etc.

11. Ask About Payments

Find out how their invoicing structure works, if there is a deposit (if so how much) and how payments can be made.

12. Make Sure They Can Commit

Make sure they can commit to a specific timetable. Most experienced home builders know there process so well they can at least give you a general estimate of how long everything should take.

~ How Much Does It Cost To Build A New Custom Home in AZ? ~

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to build a new custom home is about $925,000. Low costs average $350,000, while high costs average $1,500,000. New custom homes typically cost $100-$400 per sq ft to build. How much does it cost to build a semi custom home or production home? According to McKee Homes, the average cost of building a semi-custom home is about $75 to $115 per sq ft. *This is not an actual estimate for your custom home building project, to get an actual quote contact Hughes Development today. Learn more about the cost to build a home on our blog.

~ Who are the Best Custom Home Builders in AZ? ~

Custom Home Builders AZ

Custom Home Builders in AZ

If you are looking for the best custom home builders in AZ look no further than Hughes Development Custom Homes. We’ve built over 1200 new homes in Mesa, 1300 new home in Apache Wells, 4500 new homes in El Mirador and 2500 new homes at Arizona Golf Resort.

Want to compare our quote with other custom home builders in AZ? We put together a list of the top custom home builders in AZ:

1. Hughes Development

6535 E Superstition Springs Blvd #162, Mesa, AZ 85206

2. Calvis Wyant

8755 East Bell Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

3. Salcito Custom Homes

20909 N 90th Place, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

4. Cullum Homes

8408 E. Shea Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

5. Fratantoni Luxury Estates

9811 E. Bell Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

View the full list of the best custom home builders in AZ.

~ Start Building Your Custom Home In Mesa, Arizona Today! ~

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