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What is a Custom Home?

what is a custom home

If you are searching for information about custom home development, how much does a custom home cost, or how long does it take to build a custom home this post should help!

What is a Custom Home?

A custom home is defined by Bankrate as a house designed personally for you by a contracted architect, this means that you have the greatest amount of flexibility compared to semi-custom homes, tract homes, and spec homes.  With a custom home, you work usually with a builder, engineer and land surveyor. Working together you will select the proper lot, lighting fixtures, color scheme, size of the home, flooring type, the layout of the home, and any other wanted features.

Custom Home Vs Tract Home

The opposite of this would be a tract home, the cost is much lower because these homes are built in mass and come with limited options of floor plans, colors, flooring, and appliances. Since tract homes are built in bulk the builder orders materials in mass quantities and builds several different homes at a time which reduces construction times as well as construction cost.

Custom Home Vs Spec Home

A spec home is a home that is built with no customer in mind and is built as a speculation home by a builder in the hopes of selling the property before or after construction is finally finished.

How Much Does a Custom Home Cost?

Since a custom home offers the greatest amount of customization and is only limited by the imagination and budget of the customer these homes vary wildly in price. According to Homeadvisor custom homes start at $350,000 to $1,500,000 for a total home price and between $100 and $400 per square foot. By having a budget in mind when a project starts it often makes the custom home design process easier because you know what the overall cost of the home is projected to be so you are able to decide between which options will best suit your budget and allowing you to focus more or less time and money on specific features. Since you are now working with a total cost you can decide which areas are the most important to you and which areas are less important making a decision like a tile versus granite countertops or hardwood versus carpeted flooring.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Custom Home?

The time for a custom home differs as well because there can be factors like an existing property on a recently purchased lot that needs to be torn down and will require permits from the city or county it is located in. Also, there will be building permits and construction codes that will need to be taken into consideration not to mention home owner’s associations as well. Rules could range from the height of new homes to the particular exterior style, but this could also require an environmental study done due to endangered wildlife or vegetation. Other environmental factors that could affect the timeline of your custom home would include mature trees on the property, weather, and possibly rough terrain.

With all of these factors stated for what could possibly happen New Home Source says to plan on two years from pre-construction activity like finding a builder and other team members and one year for the actual construction of the home. These times are varied and will depend on things like materials, labor, permits, weather, and any possible acts of God like fire or floods that could delay the project.

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