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Custom Home Building Process

Custom Home Building Process

Our custom and luxury home building process is all about you and your loved ones. It’s all about creating memories, lifestyles and togetherness!

Whether you already have an idea in mind or have no idea where to start, Hughes Development can build the perfect home for you!

Step 1. Getting Started

Getting Started Building Your Custom Home In Mesa

This is the perfect time to meet the Hughes Development team and share your ideas with them and discuss your wish list for your new custom home. The Hughes Development team will present creative ideas to get the most out of your budget and design the perfect home to fit your lifestyle. Our custom home builders of years of building experience.

Step 2. Pre-Qualification & Financing

Financing Your Custom Home In Mesa

If you’re not currently pre-qualified for a home construction loan, we can help get you financed through one of our preferred loan lenders. They can help you will determining the amount of financing your qualify for. If you’ve already been pre-qualified for financing through another lender, we can work with them as well.

Step 3. Determining The Location

Determining The Location For Your Custom Home

We not only specialize in building custom homes but we can also help you find a lot to build it on. Choose from our many lots throughout the Mesa, Apache Wells, Gold Canyon and Mountain Whispers. Already own a lot or have a certain location in mind, we can work with that too.  We want you to choose a location you will love for years to come.

Step 4. Choosing Your Floorplan

Choose The Floorplan For Your Custom Built Home

There’s a great chance that you have already though about the best type of floorplan to meet your needs. If not, you can work with our architects to create a custom floorplan or choose from a variety of floorplans we have already created. Whether you need a theater room, basement or casita, we can build nearly element into your custom floorplan or add it to your existing one.

Step 5. Selecting The Right Materials

Selecting The Right Materials For Your Custom Home

Our skilled interior designers can help you choose the right colors, fixtures, flooring, lighting, cabinets, coutertops, etc. This is the time to select the right features and materials that will reflect your personal tastes or unique style in your custom built home. Choose from affordable or luxury materials at this stage of the process.

Step 6. Approval Of Construction Plans

Approve Construction Plans For Your Custom Home

At this step in the process you will be given the construction agreement that will outline the details, specifications and total budget. We will help with all documents needed to receive loan approval. One you’re approved, construction plans will be given to the developer department for final approval. We will also look for potential issues that may hold up the construction process.

Step 7. Beginning The Construction Process

Beginning Of The Construction Process Of Your Custom Home

Once you approve the construction plans, it’s time to start the construction process. The excavation process is first up, then the foundation is poured before the framing part starts to take place. At this point of the construction process your custom home is beginning to take shape. Your welcome to come out to the site and watch us create your dream piece by piece.

Step 8. Thorough Home Inspection

Thorough Inspection Of Your Custom Home

The ensure your home is being built to quality standards your custom home will go through a thorough home inspection by upper management, the project manager and other trade partners. You will be invited to visit the site or do a walk-though at this point. As we mentioned previously, you are welcome to observe the construction process as well.

Step 9. Inspect Your New Custom Home

Final Walk-Through Of Your New Custom Home

This time it is your turn to do a thorough inspection of your home with the project manager to make sure the home was built to your specifications and see the high quality of a Hughes Development home. Any concerns should be addressed at this point and any final changes that need to be made will be documented. We are 1 step away from handing you the keys!

Step 10. Welcome To Your New Dream Home

Welcome To Your New Dream Home In Mesa

Welcome home!! The construction process is complete and you get the keys to your brand new custom home. You shouldn’t have any additional service issues at this point but we’re here to ensure your home meets your expectations or exceeds them. We want to form a long lasting relationship and hopefully gain the opportunity of helping others you know build their dream homes too!

Build a Custom Home In Arizona

Contact Hughes Development today to get an actual estimate for your home building project. Hughes Development builds custom homes in Mesa, Apache Wells, Mountain Whisper and more areas in Arizona.

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